Instructure’s Commitment to Openness and AI Integration

In the past year, Instructure has focused on understanding its users’ needs through extensive interaction with its customer base. Taking a partnership-first approach, the company prioritized openness and collaboration. Visiting educational institutions globally, Instructure’s leadership actively listened to their customers’ feedback and, as a result, published the Instructure Product Roadmap to increase transparency.

Over the past year, Instructure introduced several updates, showcasing their dedication to delivering the best to their users. In recent discussions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a dominant theme. While AI technology is not novel, its widespread availability is relatively new. Like other technological advancements, AI witnessed an initial surge of excitement, followed by a period of skepticism and, eventually, stabilization.

Instructure has been actively collecting insights on integrating AI into the Instructure Learning Platform, focusing on concerns like academic integrity, data security, equitable access, and practical applications. The goal is to harness AI’s potential while avoiding potential pitfalls, ensuring solutions are ‘educator-first’ rather than solely technology-driven.

At the ISTE conference in June, AI was a central topic. Instructure facilitated a gathering of educators from various sectors, discussing the potential applications of AI in education. They aim to expand this conversation, creating dedicated community spaces for ongoing dialogue.

Instructure’s future looks promising, especially with InstructureCon 2023 on the horizon. The company is set to unveil exciting developments concerning AI integration into their products. By incorporating innovative technologies such as AI, the focus remains on addressing educators’ needs and ensuring learners achieve their highest potential.

Source: Our Product Approach When it Comes to AI: Adopting an Educator-First Mindset. (2023, August 26). Instructure.